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Panel Design and Manufacturing

Panel Design and Manufacturing
Panel Design and Manufacturing
As ADS Engineering, we are proud to offer you the best solutions in your applications with our knowledge, skills, experience and solution-oriented work we have gained for many years.

ABB Drive Panels, Crane Panels, Low Voltage Panels, Compensation Panels, Piano Type Panels, Automation and Control Panels, External Type and Site Panels, Power and Lighting Panels, MCC Panels, Transfer and Synchronization Panels, as well as PLC Automation solutions, permanent solution for your applications. We are happy to add value to you as your partner.

Offer preparation
In accordance with the documents we receive from our customers, our proposal department chooses suitable materials and suitable panel types to place the materials. The PDF format in which the reference numbers of the selected materials are written is shared with our customers. After our detailed proposal is approved by our customer, we turn the offer we have made into a letter of offer and complete our mutual business agreement with our customer.

Bid confirmation and 2D drawing
We start the project planning process by transferring our approved proposal to the project department with the relevant documents. In our project department, the projecting process is started in line with the documents provided.

After preparing one-to-one front view schemes and 3 line projects with Reel during the projecting process, the prepared project is shared with the customer for the approval process. The project approved by the customer is transferred to production as a production project and the production process is started.

Material supply
The proposed material and panel sheet procurement processes are initiated for the panels whose approval process has been completed. The production phase of the panels whose material procurement process is completed is started.

Panel production phase
After the projects are put into production, the materials in the panel are separated on the basis of the panel and transferred to the production. In line with the manufacturing project, the panel front view and one-to-one mechanical assembly operations are performed. After the mechanical assembly is completed, panel electro assembly operations are carried out in line with the 3 line project. After the mechanical and electro-assembly process of the panel is completed, the factory is taken to the test area for the test phase.

Panel testing phase
When the panels enter the test phase, the boards are brought to the test area where the necessary safety precautions are taken. The test area is surrounded by barriers in order to prevent the intervention of persons other than test personnel to the panels. In the panel testing process, firstly, dry test, then live (energy) test, short circuit test and MEGER tests are performed respectively. A "TEST Report" is created regarding the tests performed. Boards that pass the tests successfully are cleaned and photographed and transferred to the packaging department. Boards are archived with the code "ADS…" and shared with the customer as an Asbuilt project in a computer environment and in special bindings.

Packaging and shipping
After the pictures are taken, the packaging of the panels is completed and made ready for shipment. Cage boxes, pallets, etc. in line with customer demand. packaging operations can be done. We deliver the panels together with the test report and quality control documents by making them ready to be shipped.
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