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ABB Electric Motor

ABB Electric Motor
In ABB Electric Motors product sales services, ADS Engineering offers 24/7 solution opportunities to every region of Turkey. With its affordable price, quality technical consultancy and solution-oriented service understanding, ADS Engineering is your most effective solution partner for your ABB Electric Motors needs.

ABB Electric Motors Our Services

Synchronous Reluctance Motor

Meet the award-winning synchronous reluctance motor technology that combines the advantages of permanent magnet motor technology with the advantages of a simple and easy-to-use induction motor platform. Each motor-drive package, proven stator technology, innovative magnet-free rotor design, the best industrial driver and advanced driver software in the field. offers a complete solution for your needs.

Square Body Motor

HDP (High Dynamic Performance) Square body AC motors Our HDP series square body motors are compact in size and produced in accordance with frequency inverter operation under harsh conditions. The motor can respond dynamically to speed changes with its square body design. It can also reach its nominal speed from zero speed with constant torque. It provides precise positioning with its high overload capacity (up to 350%), low moment of inertia, high impact torque, wide power range and internal encoder option that your applications need.

Standard AC Motor

ABB general performance IE2 high efficiency motors are the best on-the-shelf range for simple and general applications. ABB's quality and the characteristics of its motors are appreciated by system integrators and serial machine builders.

Exproof AC Motor

ABB EX-Proof motors provide maximum efficiency and reliability for explosive and sensitive working environments.

High Efficiency Motors

ABB general performance IE3 high efficiency motors offer users a wide power range. ABB's quality and the properties of the motors are appreciated by system integrators and serial machine manufacturers.
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